Project reports

  • D.1 Comparison of WM systems in western and transition economies
  • D.2.1 Description of WM in Case study region Mogilev
  • D.3.1 Technical planning and assessment of WM scenarios
  • D.3.2 Assessment of WM scenarios in D.region
  • D.3.3 Assessment of Scenarios Mogilev
  • D.3.4 Waste management in transition countries
  • D.4.1 Roadmap for Mogilev city
  • D.4.2 Roadmap for D.region
  • D.5 List of thesis, abstracts:
    • Improvement of the waste management system in territorial communities on the example of K.region
    • Communication and Social Issues in the Integrated Solid Waste Management programs and projects for low-middle income countries
    • Environmental analysis of optimization of municipal solid waste transportation (case study of D.rayon, K. region)