Papers submitted for the workshop

  • P.1 Comparison of waste management systems in western and transition economies within the project WaTra – R. Maletz, S. Wohmann, A. Pukhnyuk
  • P.2 Municipal solid waste management in the cities of Belarus and Ukraine: lost soviet efficiency and weakness of modern governance instruments – A. Skryhan, O. Khandogina, I, Shilova
  • P.3 Waste management in post-soviet countries: how far away from EU? – A. Skryhan, O. Khandogina, K. Abashyna, O. Chernikova
  • P.4 From socialistic circular economy to market-oriented waste management: case studies in Belarus and Ukraine – A.Pukhnyuk, R.Ramusch,  M.Dobreva, A.Sarokina, M.Huber-Humer
  • P. 5 Development of information and communication strategies for increase of public awareness in municipal waste management issues in the low-middle and upper-middle-income countries – K. Abashyna, O. Chernikova, O. Khandogina, M. Pavlova, F. Stolberg