Papers submitted for the workshop

  • P.1 Comparison of waste management systems in western and transition economies within the project WaTra – R. Maletz, S. Wohmann, A. Pukhnyuk
  • P.2 Municipal solid waste management in the cities of Belarus and Ukraine: lost soviet efficiency and weakness of modern governance instruments – A. Skryhan, O. Khandogina, I, Shilova
  • P.3 Waste management in post-soviet countries: how far away from EU? – A. Skryhan, O. Khandogina, K. Abashyna, O. Chernikova
  • P.4 From socialistic circular economy to market-oriented waste management: case studies in Belarus and Ukraine – A.Pukhnyuk, R.Ramusch,  M.Dobreva, A.Sarokina, M.Huber-Humer
  • P. 5 Development of information and communication strategies for increase of public awareness in municipal waste management issues in the low-middle and upper-middle-income countries – K. Abashyna, O. Chernikova, O. Khandogina, M. Pavlova, F. Stolberg


Students’ Master Theses Presentations

The project involved strong educational and capacity building component, therefore the research was completed by interdisciplinary team of senior researchers and MSc students of partner universities. Eight MSc theses were prepared in the framework of the project, addressing waste management systems comparison, technical planning of waste transportation system and treatment facilities in Case Study Regions, environmental/economic/social/technical assessment of future WM scenarios, communication and social issues in the waste management.


Project reports

  • D.1 Comparison of WM systems in western and transition economies
  • D.2.1 Description of WM in Case study region Mogilev
  • D.3.1 Technical planning and assessment of WM scenarios
  • D.3.2 Assessment of WM scenarios in D.region
  • D.3.3 Assessment of Scenarios Mogilev
  • D.3.4 Waste management in transition countries
  • D.4.1 Roadmap for Mogilev city
  • D.4.2 Roadmap for D.region
  • D.5 List of thesis, abstracts:
    • Improvement of the waste management system in territorial communities on the example of K.region
    • Communication and Social Issues in the Integrated Solid Waste Management programs and projects for low-middle income countries
    • Environmental analysis of optimization of municipal solid waste transportation (case study of D.rayon, K. region)